Adopt Python 3

Mon 04 December 2017

Since release in 2008 Python 3's usage was below Python 2 for so long that there were fears that it would be such a failure that it would kill Python. Well, that didn't happen - Python 3's usage appears to have overtaken Python 2 in mid-2017 according to a survey of Pycharm users.

So what happened? Well the incredible growth of Pythonsince 2012 has been highlighted by Stackoverflow and most new users tended to adopt Python 3. The growth itself has been mostly due to the growth in AI since the most popular ML frameworks are written in Python. That fact plus the new feature improvements in Pyython 3 led Thoughworks to list Python 3 as an Adopt on their recent Technology Radar.

So if you are planning on doing any significant development in Python its best to adopt Python 3.

Category: Python